Soul Compass Coaching with  PJ Spur
Soul Compass Coaching

Success . . . What does that mean to you?

Who do you want to be?

What's getting in the way of that desire?

What if I told you that you already have everything
you need for success . . . already inside of you?

You CAN tap into the most powerful part of who you really are for inspiration, for encouragement and new ways of thinking AND acting!

Allow me to support you with these tools:

Soul Compass Coaching

Get "unstuck" and achieve goals you have for writing, creative expression, starting a community or organization, moving to a new part of the world, etc.

-Create a plan to transition to a new career, open a business or just reinvent yourself

-Move past childhood pain and hurts to liberate the real you

-Focus on the Spiritual side of you-have you been going through a change that some folks call "awakening"?  I can support you with tools and practices.

Hypnosis Sessions

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for change. Access the subconscious mind and make changes, instill new habits and patterns and change your life!

Ways Coaching Can Empower You:

  • Release Weight 
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Heal Fears & Phobias
  • Release Insomnia Symptoms
  • Solve Infertility Issues
  • Build a Business
  • Plan or Change Your Career
  • Balance Relationships
  • Find Your Soul Mate 
  • Enjoy Better Health & Vitality  
  • Manage Pain and Chronic Illness
  • Find & Live Your Passion
  • Enhance Creativity
  • Focus on Spirituality

"PJ helped me to focus on what I really wanted and showed me how to let go of fear and doubt. The combination of hypnosis and EFT did the trick!"
J.F., Dallas

Note: Hypnosis is very effective when combined with other tools.  Each situation is unique and requires a review of your goals to plan a number of sessions.  No issue is solved in one session. 
For example, Releasing Weight and Pain Management is a MINIMUM of 5 sessions. Smoking Cessation is a MINIMUM of 3 sessions.

PJ works with you to create a custom coaching plan that works for you!

Just ask:  Sessions are also available on Saturdays,  
Wednesday evenings and some Tuesday evenings

All sessions are by appointment only.
Hours in Irving: 
Mon - Fri  8 AM to 12 Noon
Sat      8 AM to 2 PM  
Ask about Waxahachie Appointments

PJ Spur
Intuitive Life Coach
Offices in Irving and Waxahachie

Call me today for your free phone consultation:

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Are you tired of trying . . . trying to reach your goals, always stopping just short of success?  Do you realize that something may be holding you back?

Have you attempted to make changes, but nothing sticks? 

Are you wanting to get more in touch with your Intuition or your Higher Self?  I can support you as you master these skills!

Do you feel you have no control over your own life? 
We use techniques such as hypnosis, Access Tools and EFT to allow you to quickly identify and eliminate limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and fears.

Next, we introduce powerful tools that help you to focus, set goals, visualize and tap into your unlimited potential!  We help you to develop a personal process that works for you to manage your thoughts, feelings, words, AND actions.

Can you imagine struggle and stress being replaced by calm confidence and deliberate action? This is how Success Coaching works! 
Let us help you move in the direction of your dreams and take you to the next level.

Are you ready to SUCCEED?

            PJ Spur, CHt.
320 Decker Dr. #100
                Irving, TX 75062

   NEW: Sessions are now
          available in Waxahachie



Special coaching programs are also
available for Teens and Children.

Click on Coaching to learn about the
VIP Day of Coaching with PJ and enjoy
an intensive day of coaching to clear out
emotional baggage and receive tools for
navigating your life!

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