Soul Compass Coaching with  PJ Spur
Soul Compass Coaching

“Hell is the opposite of joy. It is unfulfillment. It is knowing Who and What
You Are, and failing to experience that. It is being less.”
~ NEALE DONALD WALSCH, Conversations with God

When I look back on my life in Corporate America,  I see that I was in a type of Hell; a Hell of my own making! Oh, I made the choices that put me there and I continued to make choices that kept me in that dark, lonely place.  No one ever pointed out that I could open the door and let myself out. This was something I had to figure out  . . .  the hard way.

For the past nine years, I’ve been a type of coach or guide for folks. My specialty is helping you “get out of Hell.” If you’re interested in getting out of the Hell you’ve placed yourself in, contact me. Remember, I’ve been where you are now. Sometimes, all you need is a guide or someone with a light that is just a little bit brighter than the one you have to show you the way. For many people, I am that light, supporting them and providing tools to see a new way to healing, and to a better life.

And, if I can do that for you, it will make my day!

I use a coaching style in my work, which allows you to ask questions, seek answers and grow. I don’t give advice and I don’t do the work for you. Sometimes, I combine coaching with Hypnosis.  If you’re interested in clearing out some of your old stuff, give me a call.  If you are interested in equipping yourself with tools and techniques that continue the healing long after your session is finished, I’d like to talk with you. If you are interested in learning new skills that make Earth School a little more fun and your life a lot more rewarding, contact me. If you’ve decided that Hell is no place to live, then you’ve found a friend.

Because what I really want you to know is this: THERE IS NO HELL, no prison, except the one you create for yourself.  Truly.  So choose freedom.  Today.     And give yourself the gift of FREEDOM !

Here's what one client has to say:

"PJ, you are forthright, candid, up front and courageous. You're very honest. You're incredibly consistent with your clients.  You treat the whole of the client, not just the one symptom. You have this incredible ability to tie together the past with what’s going on in the present and help the person move past it.  You have helped me several times to move from one level to the next.  I have moved and elevated myself with tools you taught me. I am also less judgmental of myself and I owe this new trait to you.  I also love the mirror exercise. You asked me, “What is this person trying to show you?”   I now use that every day in business.  That's what you do, you ask a question. That's what great coaches do:  you ask questions, to get us to stop and think for ourselves. I now know that I have the answer within myself and you taught me this.”   - K.S., Ashville, N.C.

You truly hold the key.  In this moment, you can choose to set yourself free.  I offer you the potential for change, for healing, for transformation . . . It’s like I’m offering you a “get out of hell” card . . .I wonder if you will take the first step . . .     In the words of one of the world’s great Statesmen:

                                               “If you're going through Hell, keep going.”                       ~ Winston Churchill

Options for Soul Compass Coaching
VIP Day of Coaching with PJ  $800

We will spend the day together and I'll take you through all of the tools I use to navigate my life in different situations. You'll also take home a tool kit that will help you to continue to release limiting beliefs, let go of old emotional baggage and move through life with more joy and ease. This 6 hour session also includes an intuitive guidance session and a healthy lunch. I'll even host your day in my home in a beautiful historic city in Texas that's just south of Dallas.

VIP Day of Coaching with PJ  $800

Soul Compass Coaching Quick Start Module $450

The Quick Start Module begins with a personal session at my office and includes 3 follow-up sessions, a workbook of templates and tools, and unlimited email support.  (If it is more convenient for you, the follow-up sessions can be by phone or SKYPE.)
Note: You can also select this option as one, 4.5 hr. session at my office.  This intensive session is a great way to clear emotional baggage and gain new tools for life.

Quick Start Module $450

Smoking Cessation - Minimum of 3 Sessions (select the Quick Start Module to get started)

Anger Management - Minimum of 4 Sessions
 (select the Quick Start Module to get started)

Life Transition & Career Change - Minimum of 4 Sessions (select the Quick Start Module to get started)

Release Weight and Find the True YOU - 5 Session Module

Do you have a few pounds of emotional baggage, past hurts or childhood wounds that you are carrying around?  Want to release this weight and uncover the Authentic You that is hiding underneath? Women who have used my proven 5-part method not only release unwanted pounds, they also find joy and success in other areas of their lives!  I also include a workbook of all processes and tools utilized in the True You Module.

This module begins with a personal session at my office and includes 4 follow-up sessions, a workbook of templates and tools, and unlimited email support.  (If it is more convenient for you, the follow-up sessions can be by phone or SKYPE.) 
Please note:  This module is a MINIMUM of 5 Sessions.  You may decide that more are desired.

Weight Release Module $550

Follow-up Session -Single  $125 (50 min)

Guidance Sessions
Do you have questions and just want some answers?  Want to ask your guides or angels about an issue or gain clarity?  Contact PJ and schedule a Guidance Session.  These 50 min sessions are available in-person, by phone or Skype. 
Single Session  $150 (approx 50 min) 

Mini Session  $75 (approx 30 min)  Available by Phone or Skype Only

Note:  All Guidance Sessions must be Pre-Paid prior to scheduling your appointment.

Appointments are also available on Wednesday evenings and on Saturdays.

Ways Coaching Can Empower You:

  • Plan Your Career
  • Choose a New Career
  • Create a Business
  • Build a Business
  • Release Unwanted Weight
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Manage Pain and Chronic Illness
  • Navigate Grief (any type of loss)
  • Focus on Your Spiritual Journey
  • Find Your Soul Mate
  • Solve Fertility Issues
  • Balance Relationships
  • Find & Live Your Passion
  • Enhance Creativity

What will happen when you can make your own success truly effortless?

Learn how to create the life you really want with the help and guidance you receive from Intuitive Coaching. PJ uses her skills of clairvoyance and clairaudience to receive messages from your guides. She can teach you to do the same!  PJ also works with Children and Teens.
Next, we use techniques like EFT and hypnosis to allow you to quickly identify and eliminate limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and fear. Then, we introduce powerful tools that help you to focus, set goals, visualize and tap into your unlimited potential!
We help you to develop a process that works for you to manage your energy of thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.  Learn how to allow yourself success in ALL areas of your life.

Can you imagine struggle and stress being replaced by calm confidence and deliberate action? This is how Intuitive Coaching works!  Let us help you move in the direction of your dreams and take yourself to the next level. Release old beliefs so that you can experience more joy and peace.

What will you do now that you know you can't fail? 

Are you ready to heal, grow and create the life you've always envisioned?

For all coaching modules, payment is due in advance and is payable by check or PayPal. Payment options are available, so please ask. You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account
to use a credit card with my PayPal option.

Please Note:  We recommend a Coaching Module to kick-off your program, as effective change comes over time. We want you to be successful!

You may also add the following modules to any coaching session.
 Fee per module: $100

Soul Mate Coaching Review (review  & release past relationships)
Forgiveness Coaching Intensive
Healing Session (Reiki, hypnosis, EFT or Access Tools)
Intuitive Guidance Session

Other Options:
Meet Your Guides and Angels     $200
Past Life Regression with Meet Your Guides module      $250
Age Regression  $250
You'll want to make sure coaching is for you and that you feel comfortable working with PJ in this way.  Call PJ today for your free phone consultation to discuss how Intuitive Coaching can help you navigate your life:
        972-822-4548  or contact her with questions:

PJ's office is conveniently located in Irving, a city adjacent to Dallas, Texas. However, all  coaching sessions are offered in person and by phone. You receive the convenience of working one-on-one with PJ at a time and place that fits your busy schedule! 

PJ now offers sessions in Waxahachie, TX.

Receive the benefits of Soul Compass Coaching anywhere in the World with sessions by
Phone and SKYPE.

Additional Sessions Available - Coaching, Hypnosis, EFT, Access Tools

          $125 per 50 min session.


Past Life Regression Sessions
    Custom Guided Sessions

    Many times, patterns in our lives and  unresolved issues can be traced
    to past lives.  PJ has taken advanced training in past life regression and
    can facilitate a specially tailored session for you.  
     $250 per session (usually just under 2 hours)

Age Regression Sessions

     Custom Guided Sessions 

     Childhood trauma, upsetting events from young adulthood or emotional 
     baggage can rob us of joy and success.  PJ can create a personalized
     session, utilizing a timeline that traces your life back to traumatic
     events and helps you excavate those situations, release the hurt and heal.
     $250 per session (usually just under 2 hours)

Meditation Sessions

     Custom Meditations Created

    Work with PJ to create your own guided meditation, a form of guided 
     visualization which you can use for daily introspection and retreat. After
     sharing your vision for this session with PJ, she can craft a script and 
     record it for you and provide it to you for your own use.

      $125 per 50 min session.

Special Note:
The services I provide are those of a coach for personal growth. I may utilize hypnosis, EFT, Reiki or any number of other techniques. Hypnosis sessions are scheduled with the understanding that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. I do not represent my services as any form of health care or psychotherapy. I am not a healer nor a medical professional.  I am
simply a guide or a type of coach who helps you achieve your optimum level of well being. If you have been diagnosed  with depression, anxiety or any mental illness or chronic
pain of any sort, we will work with you only after we receive a referral from your mental or medical health
care provider. Please have your Doctor or Psychologist create a referral
letter and e-mail a copy to:, after we have scheduled your initial appointment. Thank you!

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